Month: August 2019

William A. Black House

Lake Drive – 1953, Alan Y. Taniguchi This is an early house by Taniguchi. Built in the Matz-Leggett Addition, an elite but scenically nondescript subdivision north of downtown Harlingen, it is nonetheless an astounding work. The house is built on a lot where Lake Drive makes a bend. In response to the curve of the […]

Swanson Home

In 1958, Architect E. Lester Swanson designed and built this home in Harlingen for his family. in addition to the house’s modernistic design, the family has an interesting history of its own. His wife Betty, who is no longer living, was the sister of the Brownsville historian, Ruby Armstrong Wooldridge. They were the great-granddaughters of […]

The Top Ten Myths About Historic Preservation

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by Ken Bernstein It often surprises me how many misunderstandings abound concerning historic preservation – with some people closing their minds to preservation based on inaccurate information, and others clinging to unrealistic expectations about the impacts or benefits of preservation tools. As a starting point in clearing up these misconceptions, I offer up a “ […]