Harlingen Mod is a new affiliate of RGVMod. Its mission is to educate and promote the preservation of midcentury modern architecture and design. To inspire the recognition and conservation of this cultural legacy in Harlingen, Texas.

Harlingen was where the two most celebrated mid-twentieth-century modern architects of the Lower Río Grande—John G. York and Alan Y. Taniguchi—made their home—and their marks. 
York and Taniguchi personified Harlingen’s commitment to cutting-edge modern design. Between them, they exported the exciting new style of Harlingen modern architecture to other Valley communities. 
York and Taniguchi did not work in isolation. John York’s partner from 1948 to 1954, Walter C. Bowman, carried the torch of Harlingen modern design into the 1960s with his next set of partners, E. Lester Swanson and James W. Hiester. Together they founded the firm that exists today as SHW, one of the largest architectural firms in Texas. 
Charles B. Croft collaborated first with York, then became Taniguchi’s partner, producing startling designs executed in reinforced concrete. 
Tommy T. Carruth and Robert W. Cline teamed up with their architecture instructor, Edward J. Romieniec, to start a practice that produced such landmarks as the Seville Motor Hotel.
William B. Lambeth worked at various times with Bowman, York, and Taniguchi. 
These were the architects responsible for the Harlingen “school” of mid-century modern architecture: imaginative, inventive, and innovative architecture that put Harlingen on the map of national architectural consciousness.

The Mod Society

The Mod Society is a group of creative individuals with a passion for preserving mid-20th-century architecture and advocates for education on the importance of modern design principles and historic preservation.

Mod Society Founders

Brianna Vela Garcia – Communications and marketing superstar. Lives happily in a 1950s Alan Y. Taniguchi style home. Coordinator of Marketing Services at HCISD
Lupe Gonzales and Nydia Tapia-Gonzales
Madly in love… with their 1950 John G. York designed home. Empty nesters and publishers of RGVMod.
John Pearcy, AIA, LEED AP-

When not enjoying South Texas outdoor activities, he keeps busy raising a beautiful family and helping save mid-century modern jewels in the area.  Architect at Megamorphosis and Harlingen native.